Friday, February 21, 2014

Journal Prompt

I'm here at BHS subbing for one of my favorite teachers and she has a journal prompt for her English students every day.  Today's prompt is "List 10 nice things people have done for you."
I like to do the prompt myself, so here's my list:

  1. Paul brought me a dozen beautiful roses on Valentine's day
  2. Brooke sent me a text thanking me for chasing down the bus for her and Justin the other day
  3. Taylor got rid of a pile of wood, just sitting in the middle of the patio, for me
  4. My friends called and texted to share in my excitement about Brooke's recent mission call
  5. My friend, Emmanuelle, who lives in Paris has been helping me with all of our questions about our trip to France
  6. 2 of my subbing friends helped me out with subbing for 2 teachers who asked me to sub for a whole week and I couldn't do the whole week
  7. Teachers who keep asking me to sub for them which helps me add to my France fund
  8. Justin cleaned up the kitchen and washed the dishes all on his own, without being asked to do it
  9. My sister always feeds me and the twins when we are at her house on Tuesdays for Kamryn's dance
  10. My friends who provided names for us to do sealings at the temple

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