Sunday, February 16, 2014

happy VALENTINE's day

We usually have a family celebration all together on Valentine's day - and then Paul and I go out another time when it's not so crowded.  We had a yummy pizza dinner and then it was time for presents.
Paul came home from work with these beautiful roses for me.  I will sadly confess that I didn't react very well - I just feel so bad when he buys flowers on Valentine's day because I know they are so expensive.  I love them and am grateful for the thought but feel bad he spends the money on them.
We got little presents for the kids too - iTunes gift cards for the older kids, colored elastics for Kamryn's rainbow loom, and a set of handbells for Jared (really a late Christmas present that was on back order) - everyone was happy with their gift.  I also got Paul an iTunes card.
For our date, I told Paul I wanted him to plan a really romantic date.
He suggested we go get married again :)  I liked the suggestion and called the Jordan River Temple to see if there were any appts available on Friday and they were completely booked - I guess others think that is a good idea too.  So we made an appt to go Sat morning.  We invited 3 other couples to join us.  It was a great group date and then we went out to breakfast at Mimi's Cafe.  Maybe not necessarily a romantic date but fun and memorable :)

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The Martin Family said...

Fun Valentine's day! Thanks for inviting us!