Saturday, November 09, 2013

New Room Update

Soon after Justin left on his mission we started on some home projects - namely finishing this bedroom from an unfinished area in our basement.  At first it was going to be an office/craft room for me but as its getting closer for Justin to come home I decided it should be his bedroom.  I'm sacrificing and letting him have the brand new and nicest bedroom in our house - nicest because Paul has done the work on it and he is a perfectionist. (plus the room that will be my office is bigger but 1/2 full of a lot of stuff and it was easier to think about getting a room ready for Justin that isn't full of stuff).
Its taken quite a long time and Paul promised me it would be done by the end of the summer - but we had too much fun during the summer and played a lot.  So now that we have a real deadline coming up Paul has been working on this room a lot.  Luckily his work has mellowed out for awhile now and he's had some free time finally.  He's been up until at least midnight every night this last week working on this project.
The painting is done and the lights are in.  Tonight he is working on the trim and we still need to order some carpet.  We should be able to make it.

he's amazing - he's done ALL the work on this project
drywall, tape and mud, painting, electrical

He did all the framing and created a closet where there wasn't one

 I got the funniest text from him the other night.  The night before we had been to Home Depot to pick out paint.  We agreed on a color we both liked - kind of a goldish tan named Crepe.  He sent me this photo and said "were we on drugs when we picked this color?"  He had just started cutting it in but could already tell it was going to be bad.  I said just paint that wall and we will see how it looks.  By the time I got home he'd painted almost the whole room.  I walked in and at first it didn't seem too bad but the longer i was in the room the more I didn't like it.  He hated it. The picture below doesn't do it justice at all - it was a PEACH room.  At the store we'd looked at several colors and I said I didn't want peach but that is still what we got.
Luckily Paul doesn't mind painting and paint is relatively cheap when its comes to decorating.
So he's repainted the room and I will add more photos when the the trim is all up.

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