Saturday, November 09, 2013

Happy Halloween

We had a fun Halloween this year - lots of chances to dress up.
Jared knew a long time ago that he wanted to be a zombie.  We looked up ideas on Pinterest and got some good photos to figure out his costume.  He found some old pants and a shirt that he tore up and got all dirty - that was fun!
Kamryn was trying to figure out what to be and I suggested she could be Mulan (because I had made that costume for Brooke several years ago).  Kamryn said "I don't want to be a princess anymore" - sad :(
I guess she's growing up.  She decided she wanted to be a vampire and we looked online for costume ideas and found some photos and decided she could wear an old princess dressup that we have and add a black cape that we have and some jewelry and make- up and voila - she was a vampire.
The first time they dressed up was for the ward trunk or treat.  My friend Julianne is AWESOME at doing makeup and was so kind to come over and do the make up for Jared and Kamryn.

We had a few cousins join us for trunk or treat.

Brooke even got into it this year and figured out her own costume, ordered the hat and mustache -
doesn't she make a great Charlie Chaplin?

Brooke and Andre (as an assassin) dressed up
to go to the Haunted Village at Heritage Park

Jared and Kamryn dressed up on Halloween day
ready to go to school for the parade

 Brooke filled in as make-up artist this time and did a great job too.

This is one of the greatest costumes I've ever seen
a 4th grader with his head in a jar. So cool!

Our principal always get into it and always has a fabulous costume!

On the way home from school Jared said he didn't want to be a zombie anymore and wanted to be a nerd.  We still had Paul's work to go to and night time trick or treat, so sounded good to me.  Luckily a nerd costume is super easy to come up with and he made a pretty great nerd.

At Paul's work they have trick or treating from cubicle to cubicle - a super great way to get candy fast and where its warm.  We never miss it.

Two nerds together :)

 Taylor had Juliane do some zombie makeup on him for Halloween and it turned out fantastic.  I'm just sad I didn't get a photo of him in his full costume.
It was great weather for Halloween - not too cold and fun to be out in the neighborhood.  Kamryn's friend Olivia even came with us this year.  The kids got A LOT of candy.

When I got back from exercising the morning after Halloween this is what i came home to - all of Jared and Kamryn's candy all sorted out.  They picked out their favorites and made their Christmas countdowns that day.

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