Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Highlights with Elsa

We LOVED so much
having ELSA stay with us for 3 weeks
They went by SO FAST.
We fit in a lot of FUN.

Dinner at La Cocina - fun night out for Mexican food

Elsa brought a fun FRENCH game based on Aesop's fables
and the kids had fun playing it with her

We went on a short tour of the University of Utah campus

Super fun night doing a CAMPFIRE dinner
up the canyon
Elsa had SMORES for the first time and loved them

BREAKFAST at Mimi's Cafe
Elsa thought their attempt at French food was "cute"

We took a drive from the cabin over Guardsman Pass
to Park City and had fun
checking out Main Street

Elsa thought it was pretty cool when we found this piano outside
and had fun playing it for us

We were LUCKY to be able to take ELSA
up to the cabin
Taylor's friend, Ethan, joined us

And of course we had a walk around Silver Lake

Butlerville Days PARADE
Elsa had never been to anything other than a military parade
She had fun with Taylor's friends

Elsa loved 7 Peaks
and we were able to go 3 times with her

Elsa with the Byers family

Elsa's last night with us we took a trip downtown
to see Temple Square
and City Creek

inside the conference center

Time to go - SO SAD :(

Having fun at the airport
but dreading the good-bye
We love ELSA and are so grateful for the time she was a part of our family.  We will always consider her part of our family and we are so looking forward to visiting her and her parents in France next spring.

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The Martin Family said...

Elsa is DARLING! You were an awesome host family. It definitely made for a great summer!