Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Avignon, France

Justin arrived in Geneva Switzerland on Valentine's day
The mission president and his wife picked them up at the airport
and brought them to the mission home for lunch

Elder Justin Adams
in Geneva Switzerland
at the Mission Home/Office

Elder Adams with President and Sister Murdock

Finding out who his trainer/companion is

Elder Justin Adams with his trainer companion, Elder Wolfart

Having breakfast at the mission home
then training with the president and assistants.
Then at least a 4 hr train ride to his new area -
Avignon, France
Its pronounced like Avinhon (from wikipedia)
or as Brooke said it "avinyone"


Paige said...

I am just amazed that you have pictures already! So exciting!

Janice said...

I can't see the name Avignon and not sing the song, "On the bridge at Avignon, they are dancing, they are dancing . . ." So exciting to see pictures.

Susan Byers said...

How exciting!

Stephanie said...

I'm so excited for him. He's going to have some amazing experiences in the mission field. I bet you're so proud! :)