Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Airport Call

Monday morning we were able to talk to Justin while he was waiting for the first of 3 flights he would take to get to his mission. Brooke, Jared and Kamryn all stayed home from school so they could talk to Justin (Taylor couldn't afford to miss school and figures he'll talk to Justin on Mother's Day :). Paul had to be at work but was conferenced in on the call. It was so great to hear his voice - sounds the same. We had him give of us some of the talk he gave the day before in his branch sacrament meeting - in French of course. His French sounds great to us. We were able to talk to him for about an hour before he had to get on his first flight to Chicago.
In Chicago he barely had any time at all before boarding his next flight to London. Luckily we'd sent him a pay as you go cell phone so he was able to text me when he was taking the shuttle from one terminal to the next. Their layover wasn't very long and they didn't even have time to get something to eat. Luckily they were flying on British Airways to London, which is a pretty swanky airlines. Justin said the plane was REALLY nice and the info online said they'd be getting a 3 course meal.

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Paige said...

Can you believe he's been gone 2 months already? So great that he got to call you!!!