Tuesday, June 07, 2011

My 1st Graduate

Justin, the morning of his graduation
he's a very casual graduate
he's a good sport too
letting his mom take lots of pictures

Justin with Kamryn and Jared

don't they look like great buddies


Justin and Brooke
he makes her look so small

what great kids!
thanks to Justin for setting a great example

Justin decided he wanted to go to
The Cottonwood Cafe to celebrate his graduation
We went for lunch so that everyone could go
We also celebrated Brooke's 17th birthday

Justin opening cards from his grandparents
His Grandma and Grand-dad gave him $20-11 for graduation
(a $20 bill and 11 $1 bills)

Justin was pretty excited about our graduation present
that we gave him
a new camera!

Since this is our first graduate
we're newbies to the whole thing
justin was supposed to be there an hour early
so I was the only one there that early
we didn't realize that would be the only chance to do pictures
with him in his gown

Justin with his "wardy" friend, Mackenzie

good buddies

Justin walking in during the procession

all of the graduates
somewhere near 600

After graduation
Justin with his grandparents

add in his Dad

and his mom

Justin with his Honors Diploma

We are very proud of Justin and excited that he is done with high school and moving on to new adventures in his life. He is a great son and will do great things in his life!

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Paige said...

Love the shirt. And orange caps and gowns? I guess it fits, but...ick. our blue ones were much better.