Friday, June 03, 2011

A Family Celebration

Last week our family had a big celebration in honor of paying off our mortgage!
We've worked really hard and sacrificed a lot to do this. In the very beginning of our marriage Paul said his goal was to have our house paid off before our kids started college and going on missions. I admit I had a hard time with this and many times doubted us being able to do it.
Thanks to his vision and guidance we were able to do it - with time to spare before Justin leaves on a mission in the fall.

As we could see that we were going to be able to pay off the mortgage this year Paul started telling the kids that we were going to have a big celebration. He told them we were going to all go out to dinner somewhere nice and celebrate. We rarely go out to dinner as a family so this was a big deal. We decided to go to the Garden Restaurant at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building - mostly for the setting and location. The view of the temple is amazing from up there and Jared and Kamryn loved the fountain in the foyer too.
When it came time for ordering even this was special - drinks, appetizers and Dad saying "Get whatever you want." We were all so full by the end of dinner.



Justin and Brooke

Taylor and Paul

Lisa with Jared and Kamryn

Paul and Lisa


Our whole family at the end of dinner

Kamryn leaning up against the glass
the girl has absolutely no fear

he has major fear -
it was so funny watching him very carefully
climb up on the ledge to take this picture

Our crazy kids at the temple

One of the best parts of the night was walking around temple square together. Everyone was in a good mood and we had such a great time. They were all very cooperative about taking pictures and were nice to each other. Justin's in a photography class at school and took a lot of cool pictures (that's a whole other post).

everyone but Dad who had to take the picture




After spending time together downtown, Paul suggested we go get dessert!
Two restaurants in one night - now that's super extravagant.
We went to Leatherby's and had fun there too.

Kamryn getting a kiss from her brother

Justin enjoying his shake

Kamryn with her freeze

Jared with his brownie
he doesn't like ice cream ??

Paul and I shared a brownie sundae - YUM!

Brooke and Taylor sharing their shake
no one had to share - we were just still kind of full from dinner

It was a great evening and one we hope our kids will remember for a long time. I am very grateful to Paul for his wisdom and guidance in our family.


Susan Byers said...

That is so fun! I'm sure your kids will never forget it!

Janice said...

Wahoo! That is a huge accomplishment.

The Martin Family said...

Good for you! Man, you guys went all out! Go Paul! Fun night! Love the restraunt choices!

Paige said...

That is great! Good for you, and it looks like it was a great celebration!

Sandy from Sandy said...

Congratulations on paying off your mortgage! That is wonderful! It looks like the whole family had a good time too. Great pics!


Stephanie said...

Good for you guys - that is awesome!! :) I'm glad you took the opportunity to go and celebrate. It looks like you had a blast!