Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Kindergarten Field Day

Kamryn in the sack race

Jared doing bubble burst painting

Kamryn with her friend Gracie
doing a 3 legged race

Kamryn getting ready to start another 3 legged race

Jared playing Red Light, Green Light

Kamryn doing the sponge relay game

Kamryn with her friend Ellie
waiting for the turn on the obstacle course

Jared racing on red light, green light

Jared doing parts of the obstacle course

jared playing hot potato with water balloons

The two afternoon kindergarten classes
at the end of field day
with their popsicles

I usually dread helping with field day at school and haven't done it for years. But since I'm the room mother for the kindergarten class I had to help. The great thing at their school is field day is just by grade and not the whole school out there on the same day. It was so much better this way. Luckily there were enough mom's helping that there were 2 at each station and I just got to do the timer and blow the whistle when it was time to rotate. That's my kind of job :)
It was fun to watch the kids all have a great time outside and luckily the weather cooperated.

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