Friday, February 25, 2011

Yesterday's Project

Jared and Kamryn's room has been quite a disaster for awhile and I finally tackled the big clean up project. And for once I remembered to take a before picture (thanks to my cousin Amanda's post on her blog that day).


I was hoping to create a little more free space for them by moving the dressers around but I'm not sure I really succeeded. It is at least clean and lot of clutter is gone. I did most of this while they were home but they were playing and not really in the room while I was throwing stuff away and making piles for the DI.
Jared did come in while I was in the middle of it and wanted to help. Luckily it was time to take them to school so I told him he could finish up some of it after school. He specifically wanted to take stuff out of the DI pile and put it somewhere. I didn't tell him that stuff would be gone when he got home. I didn't want to deal with the trauma right then and was hoping he would forget about the stuff.
Right when I picked him up from school he asked about the cars and where did I put them. I just avoided the question and let them go in and see their newly cleaned room. Luckily he saw the new piggy bank I got him and then I never heard about the cars again.

Hopefully it can stay clean at least for a few days.

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Paige said...

Looks about like my kids' rooms. Working on the girls' room right now. Bunkbed is down, I've been painting headboards, etc. Still too much junk in there.