Sunday, February 06, 2011

Parent Payoff

Today was testimony meeting. After the counselor in the bishopric finished and turned it over to the congregation Brooke was the first one to get up. I was kind of shocked to see her walk up there, only because she's pretty quiet and a little shy.
She shared the most beautiful testimony and her dad was beaming with pride sitting up there on the stand and I was bawling. She talked about deciding to gain her own testimony and really started reading the scriptures and say her own prayers. She talked about how she felt doing this and how she personally changed over the 6 months. She recognized how much happier she is and she knows Heavenly Father loves her and that Jesus Christ died for her and for all of us.
She was so composed up there and confident and full of the spirit. She really set the tone for a beautiful meeting.
I am SO blessed!


Susan Byers said...

That you are. Brooke is a great little lady!

Stephanie said...

My mom told me about this - Brooke is amazing!! :)

*****Love and Lady Bug***** said...

Awww, this made me teary just reading it. It could be because of the pregnancy hormones :), but I think it's more because of how sweet Brooke is. Alex and I have often commented to each other how great your kids are. Lucky mama!