Thursday, February 24, 2011

I was Outraged

Last night I was checking out my kids grades on Skyward (what a great thing for parents, a terrible thing for students and i'm glad it wasn't around when I was a student) and noticed this note in red on Brooke's calendar page:

Brooke shows a bad attitude in Physics and should be punioshed at home for this. She is a disruptive influence, and very disrespectful.

I couldn't believe it! Who would ever write that about Brooke? I was so mad and I told Paul he had to go in to the school and talk to that teacher and/or principal because if I went in I was going to lose it. He said I should go in.
I couldn't figure it out - who would write that about Brooke? That should have been my first clue. This teacher has had run ins with Justin last year but never Brooke. I could believe it if she wrote it about Justin but not Brooke.
So this morning I got up and showed the note on skyward to Brooke. She was totally puzzled and all she said was "I don't even remember that day." I told her I was going in to talk to the teacher and she said "Ok, just not while I'm there."
Then I showed it to Justin. He just started laughing. I thought because it was so ironic that Carlson would write that about Brooke. He just kept laughing. I said why do you think this is so funny? He said, "I don't think its funny for the reason you think I think its funny." (what??)
Then he proceeds to explain how he wrote it! WHAT?? He hacked into Skyward. Not really hacked but somehow figured out he could write a note like he was a teacher.
Ends up to be very funny, a great April Fools day joke early.


Paige said...

Not so funny. I would be steaming, too.

Stephanie said...

Hilarious. :)

Christina said...

Justin is lucky that you didn't kill him. I would have already gone to the high school and hunted the teacher down! lol you better get him back!