Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Witches Night Out

This last Friday I got together with great friends and went to witches night out at Gardner Village. We went to dinner first with Melinda and then she had to ditch us. Lisa was also with us for dinner and WNO but didn't want pictures of her posted online.

goofing around in one of the VERY crowded stores. WNO is just an excuse to dress up and shop.
I didn't spend a cent but had fun hanging out with dear friends. We did some serious people watching and were amazed how decked out some witches were. And we wondered about the men there and what motivated them to be there with their wife/girlfriend..

We had fun chatting in this very cool furniture store.

I LOVE this chair and was very tempted to buy it for myself for my birthday.

Thanks ladies for a wonderful evening out together.

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Danny and Amelia said...

That looks like fun! By the way, you looked REALLY tan in those pictures! Is that your tan or makeup? Either way it's a good look! :)