Sunday, October 03, 2010

American Problems

for the last two weeks, Justin has been participating in the totalitarian simulation for his american problems class. I never took the class when I went to Brighton so its been fun to hear about it from Justin. He made it into the party with just 3 days left which sounds about perfect, considering that other kids were kicked out of the party just before it was over. He told us some pretty funny stories and I think he really enjoyed the experience.


Janice said...

Is this the one where they show them the movie "The Wave" and then they have to have their own experience like it? I never did but at my school, we were all made to watch it. I thought it was a great lesson.

In a different story, all juniors in my high school at to be part of a draft. If your name was drafted, you had to write a 10 page paper on the Vietnam war. If you choose to enlist, it was a 5 page paper. And, if you choose neither and didn't get drafted, no paper. It really was a great lesson.

Cory & Holly said...

I remember walking by that class but never took it. I heard it was intense.

Paige said...

Oh, the memories. Sing this to him:

"Thou spark from flame immortal, Chairman brought of noble birth,
Born with fire a mighty leader,
Guide thy peoples of the earth."

I could go on. Really I could.

Maybe they've changed the song by now, who knows?