Saturday, October 07, 2006


I can't remember the last real nightmare I had (I know it had something to do with Paul leaving me in some way, that's how most of my nightmares go).
Well, Friday morning at 5:00 am we thought Jared was having a terrible nightmare. He is almost 17 months old and too young to be soooo scared. Paul went in and got him and he was sitting up in his crib screaming/yelling/growling combination at something. Paul brought him in our room while I got Kamryn who woke up from all that noise (luckily Paul got her back to bed pretty quickly). Jared went on with his terror for about a half hour. It was very scary and I felt so bad for him. He did have a pretty high fever so I'm sure that had something to do with it. It almost felt like an evil spirit was trying to possess him. Even though Paul or I were holding him he was staring at something and trying to scare it away. My friend later suggested that maybe he was hallucinating due to the fever. That seemed to fit. Boy, did I feel bad for my little boy.

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ashersjane said...

Lisa, I am so sorry. It actually sounds like night terrors. I didn't really know the difference between them and night mares. Google it and you will get a lot of information on it. Hope this helps you. Take care!