Friday, October 27, 2006

Made my Night

Thoughts from Thursday:
**The day started out great with a luncheon with great friends. It was so good to visit with everyone and see the kids having fun playing together.
**I spent two hours at the church with my Beehives for volleyball. We got there early to practice and they asked us if we wanted to play a practice game against one of their wards who's opponent ward didn't show up. So we said sure. Most of the girls didn't hear that we were playing just for fun and were kind of stressed out because we lost both games. When we told them it was just for practice they felt much better. Then the ward we were supposed to play at 5:45 didn't show up so we played another practice game with whatever girls were there. Then we hung around for a 1/2 hour waiting for our 6:30 game. We had fun and got in some good practice. Finally at 6:45 our opponent ward shows up (15 min late), with only 5 girls and a leader. There has been a lot of controversy in our stake this season about leaders playing (long story but basically last year they started out with leaders playing and decided it didn't work out so this year they said no leaders but every week there have been leaders playing). So our girls feel like it's not fair and that the other teams are cheating. I try to keep them positive and say it's just for fun anyway and let's be good sports but they're getting tired of it. I can't blame them. When we were finally done playing we went to Arctic Circle for ice cream. It helped us all feel better.
**The world series is messing up our tv schedule. We were all excited to watch a new Survivor episode and it was a recap night.
**But, what made my night (again due to the world series being on) was that ER was a rerun. Not just any rerun, the season premiere from just a month ago. I'd missed it and was rather bummed about it. So I was so excited it was on. I know, how shallow of me but it made my night.

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Piage said...

YOu are turning into a real vollyball nut, there, aren't you Lisa?

I however was sad that ER was a rerun, and there was a Gray's Annatomy rerun. I was home expecting to watch tv in bed, and there was nothing on. But I'm glad you got to see that one.