Thursday, February 26, 2015


The kids were so excited for Valentine's Day this year
They wanted to make "cool" boxes for their class party
We went to the new Dollar store by our house and found supplies

Taylor helpd Jared with his design
and creation

Kamryn working on her box


Can you tell what Kamryn is making?
There's a clue on the table

Its a rubik's cube

The morning of their party they were up early 
and all dressed and ready to go

In their class 
during the party
playing BINGO

I think for the first time ever they have
assigned seats next to each other

cute poster Mary gave Justin

On Valentine's Day
Justin took his girlfriend Mary 
out on a fancy date
I had to beg him to let me take this picture of them

No photos from Paul and I but we did go out on Valentine's Day - to the movie UNBROKEN and then to dinner at La Cocina, one of our favorite places close to home.

As part of Valentine's celebration we also had a special family dinner on Sunday and I shared presents with everyone :)

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