Thursday, February 26, 2015

Their Own Rooms

So with Brooke on her mission we have an open bedroom at our house.
After Paul spent some time refinishing it and painting it
Taylor moved back downstairs into that bedroom.
And that opened up a bedroom so that Jared and Kamryn could finally get their own rooms.
They have shared a room since they were born 
and now that they are almost 10 we thought it was time to separate them

Jared sleeping in his own room the first night

Jared likes his room very simple
and somewhat bare
In moving to his new room he cleaned out most of his "baby" toys
and lots of clothes

Kamryn was so thrilled to get her own girlie room
Her dad was very nice to paint a new pretty blue

We worked hard getting her room all cleaned up and organized

Her cute little American Doll corner

Kamryn's new bedding
and fun craft I made
I saw it on Pinterest and it actually turned out perfectly
It was fun to make and I love how it looks

We have one more wall that we need to hang up the decorations and I'll update when we get those up

Jared and Kamryn have adapted very well to having their own rooms
and have done a great job at keeping them clean
They even make their beds every day.
Its been a great change!

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