Sunday, June 15, 2014

VERY behind RANDOM update

Its so hard to get blogging again when I'm so FAR behind.
So here's some random updates from BF (before France)

Family and friends Lyon mission get together
Justin with returned sisters from his mission

Taylor and Marissa going to Taylorsville Prom

Taylor had to get his wisdom teeth out over spring break

The kids went to the community egg hunt
I was very impressed with how organized it was

Brooke and Andre coloring Easter eggs

Jared got his Wolf badge awarded for cub scouts

a "selfie" with my 97 yr old grandma

Taylor and Sarah going to Brighton's prom

Justin and I watching  Jared's soccer game
Kamryn having fun at  Target

Our family was a bit obsessed with this game

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The Martin Family said...

2048! Ha ha! We had to delete that game because it was so addicting!