Sunday, June 15, 2014

Favorite FRANCE fotos

Our family trip to FRANCE was AMAZING! We were able to be in France for 18 days and saw a LOT of the southern part of the country. The main focus of our trip was touring Justin's mission and to visit our exchange students, Martin and Elsa.  We probably took a total of 4000+ photos, but here a just a few of my favorites.

our family at Martin's house in Paris

at the arc de triomphe 

The kids at the Eiffel Tower

Paul and I at the Eiffel Tower

One of  favorite places we visited -
the sand dunes (mountain really) of Arcachon

Our main focus on this trip was to tour Justin's mission.
This was the door to one of his apartments.
It was so great to see his areas and meet people from his mission

We tried to make sure the kids had fun on this trip too

There are so many cool parks in France

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The Martin Family said...

How are you really going to post about France? 4000 pics!!! That is crazy! The pictures you did post are so fun!