Monday, April 08, 2013

2nd Grade Wax Museum

Its a long standing tradition at the kids school in 2nd grade to do a wax museum.  The students spend over a month preparing. They pick a person to study and read their biography. Then they prepare a written report with pictures they draw to go with the report.  They also prepare a memorized 2-3 min oral report about their person.  They are supposed to dress up like the person and can also bring props to go with their report. It all culminates in the afternoon with the wax museum.  All of the 2nd grade classes meet in the gym and the students pick a pose and freeze like a statue for the wax museum.  It is open to parents and all of the other grades come and go through to see the students "frozen"

Kamryn chose to do her report on Helen Keller.  She read several books about Helen and even watched 2 of the Miracle Worker movies - the good Disney version and the very first one made that was in black and white and SO dramatic.  Kamryn became an expert on Helen Keller and even learned the sign language alphabet and presented that as part of her oral report.  She worked very hard on her reports and was the first one to give the oral report in her class.  Her teacher said she did great!

Jared picked Dr Seuss for his report.  He also became an expert and read several books about Theordore Giesel and then read lots of Dr Seuss books.  Jared worked really hard too and got his report all memorized and did a great job giving it in class.

Before the wax museum Jared decided he'd rather find a pose sitting, which ended up being a very good idea. They would stand for 15 minutes and then get a minute break to rest.

Kamryn said her feet hurt after all that standing but was able to hold her pose really well.

Paul was able to get away from work and come to see the wax museum.  The kids were on a break so we could get some photos together.

Jared and Kamryn both said they liked the wax museum and Jared thought it was more fun that he expected it to be.

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The Martin Family said...

Oh my gosh! This is so awesome! I love Kamryn's hair. What a great project.