Sunday, April 29, 2012

Layton Dinner

Last week was the Layton shareholders dinner.  Last year Paul was out of town and missed it and I went by myself.  This year I was glad he was going to be in town so we could go together.  Well it ended up that he had to be out of town again so I had to go alone again.
Well, Paul's bosses (all 3 of them) took good  care of me and made sure I was never alone.  I ended up sitting at the "healthcare/Nashville" table with all the guys.  I was there with 7 dates - pretty good odds.  Paul enjoyed the text updates and these pictures his boss sent to him.  It was a nice evening and since I was the only woman at the table I also got to bring home the centerpiece.

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Stephanie said...

Haha, this made me smile. You're such a good sport. :)