Friday, November 04, 2011

Happy 19th Birthday to Justin

Justin Paul Adams
born 19 years ago today

He was such a cute little boy

its been fun going down memory lane
finding these pictures

at 18 months
he was in a childhood study
that's why he has that big number taped on his clothes

his best friend and sister, Brooke

This is Justin at 1.
(I had these all in age order but when I loaded them up they got all messed up.)

super boy

in our backyard in Tucson

Justin loved to play dollhouse

for his 5th birthday we went to chuck e cheese
I think this is his 3 yr old picture
(no dates on any of these pictures)

doing summer homework books in the basement

6th birthday

1st time he hiked haystack mountain with his dad

Justin's 7th birthday

all dressed up for my brother's wedding

Justin was baptized on his 8th birthday

what a handsome young man


He started wearing glasses in 4th grade

birthday tradition - breakfast in bed with your favorite sugar cereal

Justin his 4th grade class play
he played Mr Rogers

at Harry Potter Cub Country

10th birthday
at the special birthday desk
in 4th grade

he can be pretty silly sometimes

he loves to play soccer
and has played since he was 5

hanging out at our house in Phoenix

very first time he played risk and he won!

11th birthday

Arrow of Light ceremony

hiking in Phoenix desert

Happy birthday to my oldest child. He's been an easy one to parent (most of the time). He's a good example to his siblings and cousins. He's made good choices in his life. He's funny and SOOOOOOOO talented. We are going to miss him SOOOOOOOOOOO much but are also so proud of him. I love you!


Janice said...

What a cute cute baby!

Susan Byers said...

Very fun tribute!

Melinda said...

I bet you cried over all these pictures - they are beautiful. What a tender time for a mom.