Saturday, October 29, 2011


Justin told us at the start of the football season that he'd like to go to a Utah Pac-12 game this year. Luckily we have awesome friends who have season tickets that gave us tickets to the Utah vs Oregon State game. The debate was who got to go with Justin - his mom or dad. Well, lucky for me, Paul was out of town and wouldn't be back in time to go to the game. It was a 5:00 start and again, lucky for me, it was perfect weather for the game - blue skies, no wind and not too freezing cold.
We left in time to get there a little early and found a parking spot not too far from the stadium. After we got our stuff out of the car and started walking to the stadium all of a sudden it hits me - I FORGOT to bring the tickets!!!! I couldn't believe it - how stupid. And the crazy thing is that thought have never even crossed my mind the whole afternoon. Ususally I think about it all day and check a million times. So we immediately got back in the car and headed back home. I called Brooke and asked her to bring the tickets and meet us half way. This really stressed her out cuz she didn't really know how to get up to Foothill Drive but she did ok and met up with us. We made it back to the stadium, parked in a little bit closer place and got to the stadium while it was still the 1st quarter and less than an hour since I'd realized by big guffaw.

all of these cool photos are by Justin

trying to get a picture of us at the cabin
Justin doesn't trust anyone else to hold his camera
so we had to do the self portraits

it was a great game
final score - 27 to 8
Utah over Oregon State

this is the crowd
after the game trying to get out of the stadium

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