Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Break

Silver Lake

what silly kids

almost every time we go to the cabin we try
to take a walk around Silver Lake

Kamryn loves to climb this big rock

I guess this is my birthday picture.


our jack-o-lanterns
we carved while at the cabin

Our little family was very lucky to have the cabin for fall break. We were there from Wed to Sunday and it was SO GREAT. We had awesome weather and such nice time together.
On Thursday all of us except Paul hiked to Donut Falls. It was really fun and perfect weather. It was a perfect hike for Jared and Kamryn.
Justin and Taylor were gone Fri and Sat for YM outing to Goblin Valley. Paul came up on Friday when he got back in town.
We had some friends come up on Friday for dinner and good times.
It was so nice to have some good quality time up at the cabin together with just our family, especially since Justin is going to be leaving pretty soon.

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