Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Washington Lake 2011

We figured out that Paul has been going to Washington Lake since he was probably 8 years old (over 35 years) and we never get sick of going there. Its changed A LOT in those years and we still LOVE it.
Last week we spent most of the week up there. Justin, Taylor, Jared and Kamryn drove up with me on Tuesday. For I think the 2nd time in all of our camping up there we were able to reserve a spot. You have to do that 6 months in advance and its hard to remember and know that far ahead what our schedule is. We had #19 reserved and its the most perfect double spot.
We borrowed our friends Jeep and tent trailer. I couldn't face being up there for 4 nights sleeping in a tent on an air mattress that goes flat during the night. THANK YOU to the Swans for saving us with their trailer. It was especially nice to have it on this trip because the MOSQUITOS were SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Due to all the snow and rain this year the lake is really high and there's still so much muddy and swampy areas up there so the MOSQUITOS are HORRIBLE. We haven't had it that bad in 12 years. It was almost enough to make us go home but not quite.
Thanks to the Byers for going with us. The cousins all get along so well and have such a great time together.
Paul and Brooke were able to come up on Thursday. Paul said they would be there by 12 and they pulled up at 12:02, pretty impressive. Paul had to be out of town for work and Brooke had to work through Wed. She didn't even ask for it off but got Thur - Sat off and we called that divine intervention.
We did several hikes - that "dam" hike, Rock Lake, Provo River Falls, Paul took Jared and Kamryn to the top of Haystack Mountain, and then Paul and the teenagers did a new hike from our campsite to the Provo River Falls. That hike turned out to be their highlight of the trip.
Paul's favorite thing is going out on the lake in the rubber raft. He likes to fish and loves to take the kids with him. Jadon had a really good idea to take the rafts all the way to the end of Tail Lake when we were doing the Rock Lake hike and put all the younger kids in the boats to help out with length of that hike. Everyone in our group did the Rock Lake hike, including Katie who is 2 1/2 and Jenny, the Byers dog. It was great watching everyone climb over the big boulders getting to the lake, especially watching the bigger kids helping the younger kids.
We enjoyed nights around the campfire - roasting Starburst and making smores, playing "teradactyl" and checking out all the millions of stars. We only had rain one night and we were prepared for it. We enjoyed playing lots of games and just hanging out.
One of the funniest things was when Paul took Kamryn and Taylor out in the boat the last night we were there. They were out until it was dark and came in by the moonlight. Kamryn was being super funny/silly on the walkie talkie and we were all laughing.
It was a great camping trip and so many wonderful memories. I'm so glad my whole family was up there together for part of the time because who knows when that will happen again.
Pictures to follow.

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So Fun! I want to come with you!