Wednesday, August 31, 2011

20th Anniversary

most of our dates were just hanging out at my house
fall '90

cabin party
fall '90

one of our dates
fall '90

temple date
fall '90

Our beautiful wedding day

Our engagement picture

Our 1st anniversary Aug '91
(why there isn't a picture of us together, I don't know)

Paul and I with his dog Annie Feb '92

Our 1st Christmas
Friend trip to ID Sept '01

My sister's wedding Aug 95

Trip to Laughlin

4th of July parade at Brighton 2000
Running Race for the Cure May 2001

Cancun March '97
Sedona April 2004

at a ward luau in May '99

at my sister's wedding Oct '98

These are just a few pictures of us together through the years. There aren't very many pictures of just us so it didn't take too long to gather these pictures. Most of our pictures are family pictures with our kids. It was sure fun to look at these pictures and remember many great times. I can't believe its been 20 years. I've been a very lucky girl to have such a great husband taking care of me for so long.

PS Sorry for the crazy looking post - I'm seriously challenged when it comes to uploading pictures.
PPS Well I went back and figured out how to scan the pictures better but I can't face going back to find all those pictures again. At least I know better for next time.


Susan Byers said...

Can you believe it's been 20 years? Taylor looks a lot like Paul in that 1st picture. Have a fun trip!

The Martin Family said...

I agree, Taylor looks like Paul! Fun post! Have so much fun on your big anniversary adventure.
Happy Anniversary! I am glad we could celebrate at the pool yesterday! LOL! :)