Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Eve

This year we didn't do any baking until Christmas Eve and we only made one batch of sugar cookies! So we could have some cookies to put out for Santa. Brooke is my amazing helper and made the dough a couple of days in advance. So we all helped roll out the cookies and then frost them.

Jared and Taylor playing his new battleship game he got from his friend Josh.

With teenage boys it is IMPOSSIBLE to get a good picture of all my kids.
Notice how cute the girls look!

Christmas Eve jammies - a tradition for 18 years.

The kids commented that this would be our last Christmas eve jammies picture
on their beloved couch.
We've had that couch since we got married, over 19 years
and we bought it used.
My Christmas present is a big one this year -
we're remodeling the living room!

My wonderful, beautiful daughters!

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