Monday, April 19, 2010


So here's what's been going on since I've been MIA:
  • Finally finished up with the roadshows and had our cast party last week. Another post with pictures coming up for that. Now I have my Wednesday nights free again - yeah!
  • I've been helping out with Paul's dad a bit. I took him on some errands one afternoon and I think he enjoyed not having to drive. I'll have to make a regular schedule for that. I also helped him with moving his home office from one room to another. Now that is a huge project. We've also been going through some of Carolyn's things with him and distributing wanted items to daughters, DIL, and grand-daughters.
  • Allergies have been wiping me out. I worked in the yard two different times last week getting rid of weeds and that nearly did me in.
  • I dealt with Justin's first accident - actually still dealing with it. Brooke called me last Thursday after school to tell me that there had been an accident in the back parking lot. I went over and Justin and a Sr girl had both tried to leave at the same time. Initially it looked like it might have been his fault because her whole front bumper was knocked off. But upon the insurance investigating it looks like it was her fault because she actually kind of read-ended him but his bumper caught hers I guess and pulled it off. Luckily no one was hurt and I don't think we'll end up paying anything.
  • Paul and I have been teaching a temple prep class at church. Actually Paul has done all of the teaching so far but I've been very supportive - I bring the chocolate.


Danny and Amelia said...

That's a bummer about Justin's accident even if it wasn't his fault. It looks like you're keeping yourself busy!

The Martin Family said...

Good update! I love the support you give Paul in the Temple class. :)