Tuesday, December 16, 2008

December Festivities

I was really going to try hard to keep up with posts during December but I've failed miserably. It's been a very busy month so far and this week is the busiest yet - we have some type of activity every night plus the regular activities of volleyball and basketball practices, piano and dance lessons.
I should be heading out to my sister's for the day (what I do every Tuesday in connection with Kamryn's dance lesson) but it's snowing pretty hard right now and Jared and Kamryn are still asleep so I thought I would take the time to catch up.
Some of our other activities that don't have pictures:
  • Paul's birthday on the 7th - he didn't want us to get him anything so that's what we did. Jared gave him a wrapped box with nothing in it.
  • Also on the 7th, we watched and enyoyed the First Presidency's Christmas Devotional.
  • Our ward's Christmas party, which we attended for five minutes. We were very sad to have to miss it but had to host a group down from Paul's Idaho hospital project at the Jazz game. at least we got to sit in the suite and have a yummy dinner.
  • On the 6th we attended an extended Shingleton family dinner at the Joseph smith Memorial Building. It was a yummy dinner and fun to visit with our cousins. It was crazy trying to get there with everything that was going on downtown that night.
  • On the 15th, the Jones Family Christmas dinner. This year it was adults only and we gathered at the Lion House. It was fun talking to cousins again and especially hearing from Krystal, my 25 year old cousin who just spent the past 2 years serving in the Peace Corp in Senegal Africa. She assignment was to help the villagers where she was assigned to plant trees.

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