Monday, August 28, 2006

1st day of school

I've been abandoned - my great helpers have all gone back to school. They didn't seem overly excited about going back - we had a super busy summer and they weren't quite ready for it to come to an end. And I'm really going to miss them and all of their help. Jared and Kamryn are really going to miss them. All they have is me and that's not enough apparently. They both want to sit on my lap while I'm here at the computer. You would think they could play with each other but that is not really working at their age. I got out a bunch of new toys for them to play with but that didn't last long. I guess I'll have to go and play with them - I just wanted to print up a new calendar and a new job chart for the school version of jobs. (not as many so they can concentrate on school). Hopefully my big kids are having a good time at school.
Side note - Brooke did get into the Honors Language Arts class - She scored very high on the reading comprehension test she took. I had to go in this morning to find out - the counselor thought he had called to let us know but he didn't. Thanks for making me stress about it all weekend.

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Melinda said...

It's quiet at my house, too. And Will is tired of me already. He misses his big brother.