Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Mexican Riviera Cruise

This post is way overdue.
We went on an awesome family trip
to the Mexican Riviera
on a Norwegian cruise

bon voyage

vacations are hard work
we actually got up at 4:00 am that first morning for our early flight 

kids loved the fun towel animals left in our cabin each night

Cabo San Lucas
our first port

sadly Kamryn got very sick after our day in Cabo
luckily it didn't last too long

Taylor eating at the yummy asian restaurant on the ship

yummy asian creme brulee

taking a stroll on deck to watch the sunset

another one of our favorite spots to eat on the ship
O'Sheehans - best burger ever

our favorite towel animal

elevator selfie

Versaille Dining Room

playing spike ball in the airport
we had several hours to hang out at LAX on our way home
we had this great alcove that was perfect for all of our family

proof that Paul can sleep anywhere

NOTE - these photos are not in the right order, its what you get when you're using several different devices to take pictures.

Kamryn on the zipline adventure in Puerto Vallarta

one of the very first things the kids did when we got on the cruise ship
play chess
and its where the whole saga of Jared, Kyson and Jaxon going missing started

our family when we were leaving California

A favorite activity was the family dodge ball games they had on the ship

Taylor in Cabo

on our private excursion to go snorkeling

Kamryn and Paul checking out the fish

the boat ride back was the kids favorite part - it was fast and bumpy

our ship - The Norwegian Star

this was our family for most of the cruise
Jadon and Jaxon shared a cabin with Taylor and Justin so they were with us a lot

at the beginning of our Puerto Vallarta adventure
it was beautiful and we wished we could have stayed there much longer

the kids all set to go on the zipline adventure

the kids got to ride a donkey to the top

this is what its all about

leaving  Puerto Vallarta

 The kids LOVED being able to go to the sit down restaurants on their own and order what they wanted and be all grown up.

all of the grandkids with their grand-dad

thanks for an awesome trip!

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Paige said...

So great! Wish I could have gone with you!