Saturday, April 11, 2015

Cub Scout Cake Auction

Jared has been going to cub scouts with Kyson  and having a good time in their den.  They had a fun activity coming up that Jared was excited about - for their pack meeting they were doing a cake auction.  The boys earned points by coming to scouts on time,in their full uniform and with their book.  They would get to use those points to "BUY" their cake in the auction.  Jared picked out this fun MINION cake to do.  He did a great job on it.  We made a practice cake a couple of days in advance to make sure it was going to work out.  And then made it again for the auction.

decorating the real one

Kyson made a Utes cake

Cousins at pack meeting

the cake Jared picked at the auction

the cool "cake" Kyson picked - which was perfect since he doesn't like cake

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