Friday, March 08, 2013

National Cereal Day

yesterday I heard on the radio that it was 
National Cereal Day
who knew there was such a thing
but of course we celebrated it at our house
Our family eats A LOT of cereal
every morning for breakfast
and many times its 
what everyone eats for dinner
So last night we stopped at the store and let everyone pick out
their favorite sugar cereal
cuz we don't normally have those at home

see what sugar does to these boys

Kamryn was so happy to finally get some of her favorite cereal - CORN POPS

jared with one of his favorites - TRIX

Taylor chowing down on one of his favorites - COOKIE CRISP

And Paul with one of his favorites - Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch


Stephanie said...

I really like this post--how fun! And, it just makes it more fun that you don't eat those cereals every day. Here is what I want to know though, what kind of cereal did you get?? :)

The Martin Family said...

This is AWESOME! We love cereal too. I could eat it for every meal. What a fun mom you are!