Saturday, November 03, 2012

Happy Halloween

Kamryn as a gypsy

Jared and Kamryn had fun doing a little acting
in their costumes

The Hulk stopping the car from going off the cliff

Jared with his scary pumpkin that he carved all by himself

working on their pumpkins

Kamryn also carved her pumpkin all by herself

Taylor even got in on the act and said it was the very first time he'd carved a pumpkin

Kamryn at school on halloween after the parade
Jared in his class after the Halloween parade
Kamryn and Jared at Paul's work for trick or treating

Great shot of the kids with their dad
Jared and Kamryn had a super fun Halloween.  They hauled in a huge amount of candy.  This year I offered to buy their candy from them and Kamryn sold me hers but Jared kept all of his, just the opposite of what I thought would happen.


Susan Byers said...

cute pictures!

Paige said...

I do not believe that Taylor has never carved a pumpkin.

Stephanie said...

They looks so cute in their costumes! That's a great idea to sell them their candy--I've always wondered what to do about that when we have kids...