Wednesday, October 17, 2012

He did it!

Just before school started this year, Jared decided he wanted to start reading Harry Potter.  I was all for it and told him we could read it together.  2nd grade has been the year for Harry Potter - that's when Justin and Brooke both started reading it too.
Jared has a bit of unfair advantage - he's seen all the movies and knows what's happening.  So that's made it easier for him to start reading in this magical world.  I remember starting to read the first book with Justin and it was a bit hard to get into at first - since it was all so new to each of us.
Its been great Harry Potter with Jared - its been a family affair. He's read with everyone in our family (except for Justin, of course).
When he started out his goal was to read the first 2 books during 2nd grade and I thought that was a good goal.  It was kind of slow start and in the beginning he would just read a page or 2.  Many times I would read a page and he would read a page and that's all we would do.
But the last couple of weeks he's really been into it and we would read several pages or even the whole chapter.  I started telling I bet he finished the first book by Halloween - and then he finished it last night!  That's over 300 pages for a 2nd grader :)
Now on to the next book - at least we don't have to wait for them this time around.


RyanE said...

I'd never read the books.

Now that they're available online from the library, I'm reading them.

I think I may beat Jared...


Stephanie said...

I've only read the first two, but we LOVE the movies!! Maybe I need to set a goal like Jared. :)

Susan Byers said...

Good job Jared!