Sunday, August 19, 2012

1st College Child

Brooke is starting her first day as a college student at the University of Utah tomorrow.  She is paying her own room and board so she can live on campus her freshman year.  We are excited for this experience for her.  Moving day was last week.  She got everything packed up and ready to go on her own.

Brooke in front of the Emma Eccles Fine Arts House
This is where she'll be living at the U.

Jared and Kamryn came along to help Brooke take all of her things up to her room.  She has her own room (how spoiled is that) on the 2nd floor.  Its a neat old house and she has 2 windows in her room that look out to great views on the east side of campus.

 Brooke with her great helpers, who are really going to miss her, and I think she'll miss them too.

 This was a cartoon I saw on facebook the other day and shared on my wall.  Its not exactly true with Brooke, but I certainly will miss her a lot.  But I am so proud of all that she has accomplished to be where she is at today.


Janice said...

What a cool house to live in! Good luck Brooke!

The Martin Family said...

Very neat house! Yes, very lucky to have her own room. I love her bedspread!

Stephanie said...

Brooke is going to have a blast! :) I'm so excited for her.

Susan Byers said...

I can't believe she's going to college. I hope she has a great time!