Thursday, May 31, 2012

Race for the Cure

My sister, Susan, and I did Race for the Cure last year and it loved it so much we wanted to do it again.  She organized a great team and even had these shirts made for us - the back says:


 We got to the starting line a little late and had to get going right away.  Once we got over to the sidewalk we found some room to run. Susan and her trainer friend Amy really took off and cruised.

 This was the last time I saw Susan.
She kicked my trash

 I tried to get a shot of all the people out running
for this great cause

 This little girl was so cute
She was out running ahead of her dad 
and she was going fast
I tried just to keep up with her and it about killed me

 At the finish line

Showing that I was running 
in Celebration of my mom

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