Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Welcome to 2012

We were very lucky to get the cabin for new years weekend. That is our favorite place to be for New Years Eve. We were up there with my parents and one of my sisters and her family and one of my brothers and his family. Paul and I were sad that Taylor and Brooke chose to not come and go to parties with their friends instead (but we understood). So it was just Jared and Kamryn up with us.
We were there from Friday to Monday (I even kept Jared and Kamryn out of school on Monday) and it was such a great weekend. We went to church up there and the best surprise was that they only had sacrament meeting since it was a New Years Day - what a great idea.
We enjoyed playing games, watching movies, eating lots of good food and just relaxing. Its such a wonderful place and we're so grateful to our parents for such a great getaway place.

There is not much snow but there's enough to go sledding.
Most of Monday was spent outside in the sun and snow.

what a fun train

susan is a great mom to sled with her kids
(luckily, I had the job to take pictures)

Even my dad took several runs down
the sledding road

Kamryn loved being outside in the sun
(jared chose to stay inside on Monday
and play video games with his cousin Jake)

(who can resist this cute face)

Kierra and Kamryn
Kierra is such a great friend, cousin, big sister to Kamryn
while we were at the cabin someone asked Kamryn who her best friend is
and she said Kierra

What a great ride

they went down all the runs
over and over

this is mostly to prove that I was really there


Susan Byers said...

Thanks for taking the pictures! I can't wait to go back!

Paige said...

Oh, such fun!!! It makes it look like winter.