Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Need an Idea

Tonight we had a very successful combined mutual activity.
This was a VIP dinner organized by the YM and YW. The bishop had asked us if there was something we could do for some of the older and somewhat lonely people in our ward. Our combined presidencies decided we could host a dinner for these VIPs. Luckily the bishop asked someone to head up the dinner committee (she was actually pretty much a 1 person committee) and she cooked the food for the 60 people that attended.
We decided on the theme of "The Grass is Always Greener on the other side"
A couple of weeks ago some of the youth delivered invitations to a list of people put together by the bishopric. Then tonight a leader picked up their assigned youth and then they picked up their VIP and then came to the ward for the dinner and a program. We had a couple of youth perform some musical numbers and then our YM pres had gathered up pictures of all of our VIPs from when they were young and then he showed them on the big screen and we all tried to figure out who they were. Before and during dinner, there were questions on the table to help the youth learn more about their VIPs. It was a great evening and everyone seemed to really have a good time.

Matt Butler with his VIP, which happens to be my uncle Don
(who also happens to be one of the YM leaders).

Justin with his VIP, Maria.
She is from Chile and I'm not sure how much they really talked.

Taylor with his VIP, Janice Casull.

My mom and dad at the VIP dinner.
I was surpised they were at the dinner -
I don't consider them old or lonely.


Janice said...

Funny, they did a similar thing in my parent's ward. My parents were shocked they were invited. (My dad is almost 80.) I had to explain to them that approaching 80 is REALLY old to the youth.

Susan Byers said...

What a good idea!