Thursday, July 01, 2010

Can you believe its July already?!

I cannot believe its July already. I'm kind of glad for a two reasons.
First of all, we leave on our family trip to Florida in just a couple of days and we're all excited for that.
Second, I'm glad to be done with the daily prompts. It was fun and different but I'm ready to do something else. I'm behind on regular posts but figure I'll catch up while we're on vacation.

This morning I went with Justin to get his SENIOR pictures taken. Can you believe it????? It really made me feel old to see him standing there in his orange cap and gown. Wasn't it just the other day that I was wearing my cap and gown for the very same high school?? We just did the photo shoot at Life Touch and it went pretty well, considering how much Justin did not want to do it. He was a very good sport about it and I think they turned out okay, from what I could tell just looking on the cameras. Life Touch has a pretty cool studio for senior pictures with lots of different theme rooms and back drops.

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