Thursday, December 07, 2006

Can't sleep

I just hate it when I wake up some time during the night and can't get back to sleep. Tonight is one of those nights. This is the second night this week that this has happened.
After reading everyone else's latest entries, I guess I'll catch up on mine.
Life is so crazy busy sometimes and it has been around here.
On Monday, Carolyn (Paul's mom) fell in the morning and broke her femur on the same leg where she'd had a 2nd hip replacement in Feb. It was a bad break and she was in surgery for several hours on Wed morning. She will be in the hospital for several days and then to a care center for many days and then home with a very long recovery ahead of her. Paul's dad is just recovering from a heart attack and so we are just as worried about him as we are her.
Last Saturday I took Brooke, Jared and Kamryn to the festival of trees. My niece, Kierra, was performing with her dance group. She did a great job as did the rest of the dancers. Jared and Kamryn loved looking at the trees, especially ones with stuffed animals, dolls and toys. I was reminded why we don't go to that event on a Saturday.
I'm so behind this season. I usually have my Christmas card out by now and I'm nowhere near getting it out.
Shopping is going okay. I'm struggling with ideas for all of my children this year. They really don't need anything.
My exercise buddy has been out of town for several days and I'm really noticing the effects of not exercising in over a week. Hopefully we'll get back to it Friday morning.


Ashley Harris said...

Lisa, I am sure you will get your cards out in enough time. I am still putting mine together. When you get yours you will know I was insane by making 80 of these puppies! Have a great day!

Paige said...

So sorry to hear about Paul's parents.